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The travel industries such as vacation rentals, cottage rentals, ski chalets, studying abroad, and the such like it are all highly competitive. These industries feature competitors who have websites that are aged for many years, some well over a decade. In addition, these sites have millions of backlinks and are ranking for hundreds if not thousands of keywords. What are some things that can be done for smaller competitors (such as yourself) can do when entering the fray?

First things first, you will want to optimize your website to spider-down from the most important content, then to the next important region such as country, and finally down to state/province and then city. This builds an artificial ‘sitemap’ that is not only easy to follow for visitors to your website, but great for indexing purposes for Google because it makes your most important keywords easily optimized and allows you to slowly build long-tail traffic for tons of keywords/pages.

You will also want to watch your competitors on a daily basis. Some of these competitors will no-doubt be banking purely on the age of their domain and the current authority and age of their backlinks, but these are not the ones to watch. You want to watch the sites that are constantly building links and promoting their website. Every link they receive that you can duplicate removes a competitive advantage that they have, and at the same time increases the amount of total referring domains to your website. In addition, every little link helps and this is a great way to find some free/cheap ones.

When starting out, you will want to focus on one main big keyword, such as cottage rentals, and then slowly expand upon that once your ranking for it grows. You may then broaden your ‘big’ search term to include *region* + cottage rentals such as Ontario cottage rentals, or even expand further into horizontal keywords such as vacation rentals, cabin rentals, or ski chalet rentals.

The biggest thing to keep in mind is that SEO takes time, and these tips are just the very basics to starting. You will need to keep at it if you want to see impressive results and really rake in the traffic.

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