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Connect with an SEO CompanyAre you ready to experience explosive growth to your business web site? Bloom SEO is a search engine optimization company that delivers. We don't copy what every other SEO company is doing. We don't use risky techniques to 'trick' the search engines. How do we acheive top 5 rankings for our clients for the most valuable search terms? Simple: we work hard and (more importantly) we work smart.

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First, you request your free SEO report which will include a consultation. By working closely with you, our client, we are able to identify: who your target market is, what your company does best, and how to connect with your customers.

Second, the work begins. Now that we know who your market is, we develop an internet marketing campaign that will transform your site into a sticky destination for your customers. It always starts with creative content. It might be funny videos, useful tools, valuable information, or captivating images. What creative content we use depends on the demographics and search terms of your target market.

Third, we promote the content: buzz marketing, viral marketing, and link baiting. We pull visitors and links by the thousands. Now your site is a valuable resource/destination that the search engines are compelled to display at the top of the search results pages!

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Creating A Successful Website



The internet is a huge platform open to millions of users. You too can own a piece of cyberspace with your very own website. Creating a successful website begins with architecture which is ultimately your initial plan. What are your goals for the site? Will you merely be posting valuable information? Do you plan to conquer e-commerce by selling products or services? All of these answers are important as this is the first step in laying the foundation for your website.

Web Hosting

After figuring out what you plan to do with your site, its time start building. For most us, this involves finding a company that will allow you to lease space on their server and upload your content. Although the features vary, some of the basics your site will require include adequate bandwidth and storage, email accounts and powerful web building tools for designing purposes.


When creating your site, you want to build it with the search engines in mind. In order to achieve quality ranking, your site should be rich with relevant keywords which includes fusing them into the homepage, title tags and product descriptions. Additionally, you can achieve better SEO with link exchange programs and properly labeling metadata and image files.


Your site may look great with a professional design and quality products, but without a marketing strategy and sound SEO, its likely that no one will even know it exists.


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3 Marketing Tips To Beat Your Online Competition


When the vocal group ABBA sang the song entitled The Winner Takes It All, they weren’t kidding. Marketing today, particularly on the Internet, has reached an all-time high when it comes to competition. Just getting your foot in the door is no longer enough. Yes, it helps if – just as an example – let’s say you’re in the bridal wear business and you decide you can offer people bridesmaid dresses cheap. Good for you. That’s a nice start. But, offering anything at a discounted price isn’t going to matter at all, if you can’t get the word out there and get people to notice you. The following will be an example of three tricks of the trade that are being utilized today to help Internet marketers get more than just their foot in the door.

Know When All Bets Are Off

If you’re sitting at Vegas and you find yourself having one in a chance of four odds, you’re probably going to find another table at which to do your betting. One out of three odds is only slightly better but for the gambler it might pay off. If you’re talking to a representative of a company with which you are trying to deal, you need to find out as far in advance as possible what your chances are of actually taking home a contract. If they level with you and tell you that they’re seriously considering four different companies, this might be a good time to pack up and move along. You have better chances elsewhere and you’re wasting time, basically, at a table with bad odds. Know when it’s time to fold ‘em and when it’s time to hold ‘em.

Figure Out Who’s On Your Side

So, this representative to whom you’re speaking ends up really liking you and says you’ve got a one in three chance. Could be better, but you really got to kind of like this representative and you know that they like you, too. Now it’s time to figure out who doesn’t like you. Every time you have a meeting your buddy, this representative, is sitting in on the conversation. But, so is the guy that’s opting for a different company. You need to find out who this guy is. Tell your buddy that you understand the whole process and you thank you very much for being on your side… but, you’re wondering who isn’t on your side. Who is the guy that keeps going against you? If you can find out who this is and cater to that individual’s needs, you can maybe land yourself a contract. Being one out of two companies that these guys are considering is far better than being one out of three.

Who’s Up To Date?

And, speaking of being one out of three or one out of two – there’s no need to start mudslinging, but if you know that your company is being considered along with two others, it’s helpful to knock one of them out of the competition. By finding out who those vendors are you can nonchalantly suggest to your clients – in confidence of course – that company doesn’t really belong in a class with company B or your company. Just let them know that company isn’t exactly on top of things, when it comes to Internet marketing or SEO usage. If they ask you about company B, that can be discussed at a later point in time, but you just wanted to give them a heads up about company A. Now you get a 50-50 chance instead of one in three.



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Can You Shop Online And Still Buy Retail


Once people discover all the many different reasons why shopping online has become as big a phenomenon as it has over the past couple of years, it’s hard for them to go back. That being said, the question becomes is there any reason to shop retail. Well, from fasteners for retail to picking up other crafting supplies, both have their pros and cons. Let’s take a look at them both.

Shop Where And When Needed

Shopping online is really simple, no matter if you’re buying for your personal life, or your professional one. Not only that, but it’s usually far cheaper than buying at retail, to boot. With several different shipping options, placing an order for tools or supplies online means that in a matter of days (and sometimes even less than that), you can have everything you could possibly need show up directly to your doorstep. That’s a huge level of convenience that never really existed before, and people are flocking to it in droves. But where does that leave shopping retail?

Get Your Supplies As Soon As Possible

Well, even next day delivery can’t get you what you need if you need it right now. When working in construction or home repair, sometimes the unexpected rears its head. Sometimes, no matter how much you plan, there are going to be moments where you need extra supplies as quickly as possible. It’s in these moments that retail really shines. Retail is good for when you’re in a pinch, and there are few options open to you. When you are in a bind, there’s nothing better than knowing that you can hop in your car, drive down to the local supply store, and walk out with exactly what you need to get the job done.

So there you go- while retail may not be the optimum way to do your tool, equipment, and supply shopping any longer, it still most definitely has it’s place in the industry. Really, there’s no reason that retail and online can’t co-exist. Don’t look at it as a competition so much as a partnership. Different services offer different benefits depending on what kind of situation you find yourself in.


3 Mistakes Internet Travel Sites Make


Nowadays more and more people are finding their way to Internet travel websites to book their travel and research hotels and other accommodations. Gone are the days when you automatically visit your favorite travel agent to get advice on adventure vacations or other travel packages. Most people are unaware of the potential problems that can arise when you research and book on these travel sites. Here are three common mistakes made online.

#3 Change Those Cookies

Performing the same search twice on your computer can result in you getting a higher price than you did previously. This is what happens when people look for a price on airline tickets on one site, and then goes to others to compare rates. If they return they are shocked to realize the price has increased, sometimes significantly. It turns out that the website can remember when you visited and what dates you plan to travel. Simply cleaning out the cookies in your web browser will prevent this. Another way to avoid this is to use more than one browser at a time, i.e. Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Toggling between them will allow you to keep the low listed rates.

#2 Book Longer Visits When You Can

Some travel websites penalize people, even business travelers, for booking short visits. Whenever possible, select longer stays to receive lower rates. This is because of the fact the sites mark people as low-yield consumers and the travel sellers make more money for the longer trips. This also applies to cheaper hotel rooms vs. more expensive ones. Not all sites practice this, but many do.

#1 Reviews Are Not Always Legitimate

It has become very popular to check review websites before going to restaurants, signing apartment contracts, booking hotel rooms, and other consumer needs. There are some reviews that are written by legitimate and honest consumers who wish to share their experiences. A commonly used travel-booking site owns one well-known and popular travel review site, Trip Advisor. Thus it and many others have the tendency to stuff the ballots with positive reviews. Some use employees, while others pay people to post. Others allow only legitimate sources to leave reviews. So consumers should not make decisions solely based on review sites.

Independent people who have gotten used to dealing with the ins and outs of Internet travel sites and feel comfortable. Keeping these tips in mind will help you stay ahead of the online travel game.


3 Ways To Market Female Sensitive Surgeries Online


Online marketing has become a very popular methodology for getting information out to women. Most of the time online retailers do this, but now gynecologists have also jumped on board. Social Media and other methods can be utilized too.

#3 Facebook Fan Pages

It may seem odd, but gynecologists with a Facebook fan page or general page are moving toward educating women about surgeries relating to female anatomy. When it comes to lesser-known procedures like Vaginal Prolapse surgery, it is easy to reach a massive number of women through this media.

#2 You Tube Videos Of Surgeries On Human Dummies

For gynecologists who are hip and youthful, or just plain gutsy, posting videos on You Tube can help you reach an entirely new clientele. You would be hard pressed to think of a topic that cannot be found on this medium. It is a great opportunity to present valuable teaching moments and explain the various female surgeries

#1 Blogging Your Surgery Educational Messages

There is no doubt that blogging has become one of the most popular communication vehicles online of late. Every topic imaginable is represented in blogs that are updated daily, weekly, or monthly. A gynecologist could use a blog on the office website but also a more detailed one on a separate blog website. He or she could use this to highlight two or three types of procedures, like the different types of hysterectomies, for instance.

No matter whether you decide to use one, two, or all three of these methods, you will be able to reach a huge number of females interested in female surgeries. Any gynecologist who is willing to present information in a relevant manner is likely to bring on some eager new clients who may be candidates for one of those sensitive female surgeries. Potential testimonials for your next social media presentation.